Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mazda 6: Changing power steering fluid – the “turkey baster” way

First of all, disclaimer:

I’m not responsible for any damage you may cause to your car or, even worse, to yourself using instructions provided bellow. I’m not a professional mechanic and whatnot, so use these instructions at your own risk. Read entire post first and be sure you understand everything before you start it. If you’re in doubt – seek professional help.

Here is an easy way to do it without draining your power steering system completely. The idea is not mine, some guy from came up with it, and all credits go to him.

For this task you’ll need:

  • turkey baster:


Royal Purple Max ATF


  • Put your car on jack stands;


  • Put your key in ignition and turn it to the first or second position;
  • Pop up the hood and remove power steering fluid reservoir cap;


  • Take a turkey baster and remove 2 full basters of fluid from reservoir (when you do this first time, inspect the fluid, if its not nice and “pink-ish”, replace with 2 bottles, otherwise 1 is enough IMO);


  • Put new ATF in reservoir (exactly as many as you removed);
  • Turn steering wheel from lock to lock couple times;
  • Repeat #4-6 until all fluid is replaced;


  • Put the power steering reservoir cap back and lower the car;
  • Take used ATF to the recycling center

ATF, if spilled on paint, will damage it, so be careful, and wipe of any spills immediately.