Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Changing cabin air filter [ Mazda 6 ]

Now, I want to show you how easy is to change cabin air filter.

Tools / materials you’ll need:
- new cabin air filter;
- hands.

First thing first, your air filter is behind glove box. So, first thing to do is to remove glove box:


The easiest I found to do that is to unfasten that rope that you see on image above. When that done, you can remove glove box (it holds by to hinges). Press slightly at the top of the glove box and bend it and pull it. It will come off easily :). Be careful, as soon as you pull it off, it will just fall down.


[ Removed glove box ]


Now, locate the air filter box. Grab little handles at the bottom and pull them gently, this way you’ll remove air filter housing cover.



[ Cover ]

Remove old filter and put your brand new one :).


[ Old filter in place ]


[ Brand new filter from NAPA… ]


And, put everything back in reverse order: cover, glove box and fasten back the glove box “holder”.

And.. one scary picture of my old air filter :)


Have fun and happy DIY.

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