Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yet another MS interview…

Well, it didn’t go well, in fact I wasn’t prepared at all.. Anyways, here are the questions I was asked, and if you think about them, they’re actually “easy-peasy”.. oh, well:

1st guy (SDE II):

  • Implement singleton, discuss threading issues, performance, usage, etc.;
  • Design a cache (ask lots of question!).

2nd guy (Senior SDE):

  • Chatting about experience and stuff (for about an hour)..
  • Implement an algorithm converting roman numbers to integers

3rd guy (hiring manager, Senior Developer Lead):

  • I had another meeting with him the day before this interview loop, it was more screening interview, and he asked me to implement an algorithm which finds whether two linked lists are merged and find a point of merge.
  • At another interview with him (in the interview loop day) he asked me following:
    • Serialize/deserialize tree – given a tree (random binary tree, not BST), you need to serialize it, transfer it to another place (lets say, another computer in the network), and restore it to its original state.
    • Design an autosuggest service (similar to the autocomplete on Google’s search page)

4th guy (Senior SDE):

  • WPF questions: difference between Windows Forms and WPF, MVVM-related questions, Commands, binding;
  • Task: I had to implement single writer multiple reader object (where readers can’t read if writing is in progress, and writer can’t write if there are readers reading); Solve writer starvation problem (when writer can’t write because there all lot of reader and they’re keep coming).

5th guy (Principal Program Manager):

  • BST tree traversal (easy one, but he asked to write down the solution on paper, weird..);
  • Memory manager: design and implement.

That’s it, 6+ hours total.

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