Sunday, October 24, 2010

Microsoft Interviews, again

I had series of interviews here at Microsoft, for SDEII positions. I don’t know results yet, but I think I can share some questions I was asked:

1. Design and code algorithm that determines whether liked list is cycled.
2. Given an array of strings, print all groups of anagrams in array (like Group 1: “abc, cba”, Group 2: “demo, mode”).
3. Reverse linked list. For instance, given linked list "A –> B –> C –> D”, you’ll need to get “D –> C –> B –> A”. Design, analyze algorithm and code.
4. Print all possible paths in matrix, from lower left corner to upper right. Design, analyze and code algorithm.
5. Design elevators management system (1 building, 6 elevators).
6. You have 100 storey building and 2 marbles. You need to find a floor when marbles being thrown from the floor will break in a least number of measurements.
7. You have a matrix m x n. It contains numbers sorted in ascending order by rows and by columns. You need to find a most efficient algorithm to find a number in that matrix.


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