Sunday, May 9, 2010

How do I – Android: create a new project?

To create a new Android project in Eclipse do the following: click “File” –> “Android Project”.


You will get following window:


Fill out the following fields:

Project name – your project name;
Build target – select one of the build target that you want to use (if you need some Google-specific features, like maps, select “Google APIs”, it will include all Android features plus some additional functionality);
Package name – your package name (it must consist at least from two parts – something like “orgname.projname”);
Create Activity (checkbox and field) – Check this checkbox if you need an activity to be created along with project; If you need new activity – provide a target activity’s name, otherwise uncheck this checkbox;
Min SDK Version – minimum required Android SDK version.

Press Finish (or Next if you need a test project) and that’s it!


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